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Benefits of the Dreamweaver Workshop adult client experience:

“A calm environment to set intentions.…Sand tray can help clarify issues on your mind and visualize problems holding you back from your goals.”  ––D. S.

“It can be a peaceful experience to reconnect with the creative part of yourself….Everyone could benefit from some relaxation and creativity.” — J. M.

“The sand was so soothing….everyone has been to the beach and can relate to the healing qualities….It was freeing and a trip down memory lane.” —L. M.

“It was an open-ended, free-flowing, relational process….it just flowed…no preconceptions…so well designed to offer a secure boundary for exploration.” —S. L.

“It can be a vehical for relaxation, mindfulness, and storytelling…it has the potential to open the mind and open the inner child to play and create.”


Welcome to Dreamweaver Studio!

Hi, I'm Kim, an artist, writer, and healer. My passion is to help you explore your thoughts and experiences using mindfulness and expressive arts. Together, we create a context for you to get a clearer picture of who you are, what you want, and how you can reach toward your dreams.


Dreamweaver Studio workshops are not therapy, although they can contribute to healing and wellbeing. Led by your inner guidance and intuition, you embark on an adventure that uses sensory activity, visual and other, including movement, to help you cope with the ups and downs of life.


As a licensed professional counselor and art therapist (LCPC, ATR), I’ve supported people of all ages in learning active methods to come up with new, more empowered beliefs that move them toward personal growth with confidence and passion. I hold a dual masters degree in expressive arts therapy and counseling psychology from Prescott College, and am credentialed by the Maine Board of Counseling Professionals and the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB).


For more than 17 years, my passion has been to connect deeply with and facilitate the journeys of those who can’t always express their issues in words or those for whom words are not enough. The expressive arts approach draws on your strengths, creativity, and intuition to initiate positive change and develop resilience. You will practice fun, hands-on techniques to bring your beliefs and emotions into greater relief.


Our workshops provide you with a safe space to explore, innovate, and hone in on what’s important to you. As you follow your creative path, at your own pace, you’ll gain clarity on your goals and dreams and come to a better understanding of yourself.


If you seek one-on-one support in the form of therapy, please go to Expressive Arts Therapy for information on our private, confidential online services.

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