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  • Give your clients a window into their personal powers
  • Offer people the opportunity to build self-motivation and self-confidence
  • Help your community find hope

Dreamweaver Expressive Arts Groups
Can Come to You!

Our Midcoastal Maine studio, in the hills of Montville just west of Belfast, will travel to Portland, Lewiston, Augusta, and other cities in the area. Your clients will have the opportunity to explore ideas, emotions, and experiences in a safe, confidential expressive arts group. This special kind of workshop involves using a visual and tactile approach where the person places miniatures, representing people, animals, objects, and the built and natural environment, into small table top trays of sand. Known as the “world technique” or “sand tray,” participants use this expressive form to build their “worlds.” The sand gives them a ground to hold whatever may be in their hearts or on their minds.

In Dreamweaver groups, intuition leads the way into a person’s inner world. The scenes and stories created form a symbolic world that an individual can connect to their thoughts, perceptions, emotions, dreams, and imagination. A person might be motivated to journal about what they made, or simply witness it. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, and no interpretation. Only the builder of the scene knows what their work means.

This method helps your clients gain insight into their beliefs, feelings, wishes, and memories. It’s particularly effective with people who have trouble articulating their emotions, who struggle with disempowering beliefs, or who have language challenges. Although not therapy, these groups promote self-confidence, self-calming, and healing. Letting go, going with the flow, and following a stream of consciousness enable a person to discover the magic of their own light.

Kim Wallant is a Registered Art Therapist (ATR), a Licensed Professional Counselor (LCPC in Maine), and a Registered Play Therapist (RPT). Art and Play Therapists are mental health specialists who can facilitate sessions with clients of all ages, from child to adult. You can arrange to have this portable studio experience brought to you by contacting me on the Let’s Connect page.

Your community can participate in a fun, soothing, creative workshop brought to your office or center by Dreamweaver Studio.

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