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What are Expressive Arts?

  • Any art form including at least one of these: witnessing images, making scenes or “worlds” in a tray of sand, drawing, painting, creating 3-dimensional objects, cutting out images, collaging, taking photos, writing a journal, story, music, or poetry, singing, listening to music, playing an instrument, witnessing nature, mindful walking and movement, dancing, and more.

Who benefits from Expressive Arts?

  • Some people believe that the expressive arts experience is only for children, but, in fact, adults get a great deal of meaning out of this practice. No matter what your age or experience, you can gain insight into thoughts and feelings that aren’t always clear to you or that you aren’t quite able to express.

  • Our culture has layered criticism and judgment on what it labels “art” or “creativity,” however Dreamweaver Studio stands apart in being comparison- and competition-free. People who feel stuck in their lives and want to open up creative flow will find a home here.

  • If you tend to overthink your problems or cover up your emotions with intellectual explanations, this may be a place where you can become better self-expressed. Sometimes a rigid belief will hold you back, make you doubt your abilities, or make you unhappy for no apparent reason. You can experiment to see what you truly want out of your life, break free from limiting beliefs, and get a better vision of what you want for yourself by exploring your ideas with expressive arts.

  • Sometimes a person feels overcome by their feelings and has trouble cutting through the chaotic cloud of emotions that limits their view. In Dreamweaver Studio, you can find peace and calm so you can center yourself and find your direction.

  • When the path ahead seems confusing or uncertain, you may find it easier to focus on what counts for you by engaging in a hands-on activity. Expressive arts at Dreamweaver Studio can help you enter a new space, an alternative mindset, and chart your own course ahead.

How can Expressive Arts help me?

  • You experience being mindful, present, and open to being inspired.

  • Expressive arts can jog the “cogs” of your mind by integrating body movement, emotions, and sensations with your upper level brain––the part that helps you use logic, make sense of the past, and puts past events back where they belong: back into the past.

  • You get a new perspective on what’s going on inside by making something that you can see outside of yourself and your thoughts.

  • You get tangible proof of your healing process and how far you've progressed toward your goals.

  • You take pride in the product you've created and recognize it as an accomplishment. 

  • You gain insight into your present life and envision possibilities for the future.

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